10 reasons to appreciate Bali Buda

Without any order of significance.

  1. Everything is homemade everyday – no big equipment involved.
  2. As much as is available, our produce, grains and protein is as chemical-free or organic as possible.
  3. 90% of our wastes is either composted or recycled.
  4. We really try our best to please our customers
  5. We continuously support 2 great major projects:
    Rumah Sehat Madani – a natural birthing clinic
    Recycling Eco Bali – sustainable solutions to waste management
    (We also give to other organizations based on acceptance of a proposal or because we like them)
  6. We love the Slow Food / Slow Life concept. We are Slow Food International and Ubud members.
  7. Triple Bottom Line Sustainability – we practice it naturally from the heart.
  8. We spearheaded the organic movement in Bali.
  9. We support organic agriculture and the idea of sustainable living on Bali.
  10. We practice the principles of Fair Trade.

Much more reasons might be found when you come to visit us.