Strawberry Mousse

Our new raw food dessert: Strawberry Mousse made with fresh strawberries which are herbicides & pesticides free! With shaved coconut crust, irish moss, coconut cream & honey this is a perfect dessert for anyone on a raw food diet. Come and try our latest desserts, we’d love to hear your feedback!


Recycled Glasses

Giving new life to used objects–these glasses are made from used bottles recovered by ecoBali Recycling… Right here in Bali! Available at Bali Buddha outlets for Rp. 22,000,- each, and for an extra Rp. 5,000,- you can get your company logo/name engraved on it!

Health Drinks from Bali Buda

Do rainy days make you feel gloomy? Recharge and freshen up with our large selection of delicious super health drinks!

Breakfast anyone?

Looking for a wheat-free alternative? Try our delicious spelt & walnut pancake for a healthy start!