Bali Buda HQ

for administration & creation
Jl Pura Puseh #3
Br. Denjalan
Batu Bulan, Gianyar
Tel (0361) 299467

The Bali Buda headquarters is located in Batu Bulan. This is where we do creation, quality control and continuously review our practices.

For example, we use ascorbic acid in our bread as a healthy preservative & colloidal silver for cleaning our fruit. Native coconut oil is used for cooking & of course only once, then disposed of (unfortunately this is not the case in most places).

We are in the process of installing a wastewater garden in Ubud and in Batu Bulan & about to install LED lighting in order to help conserve energy. Most of our laundry is washed with earth friendly soap & dried in the sunlight, except on rainy days, of course!

Our administration team is also located here where they pour their dedication into making Bali Buda better every day.

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